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Noumea Wedding planner


Celebrate on of the most beautiful days of your life in Nouméa Where else could it be more romantic to be on a island ?

We offer you the possibility to organize your civil weeding ceremony in the City Hall of Nouméa and be legally married in New caledonia

We are taking care of the paperwork required for the legalization of your marriage performed in New Caledonia

Your wedding day is the realization of a dream that you would like unforgettable and we wish it to be perfect in every way.

Our wedding is at your disposal to inform and cutomize with you your wedding in New Caldonia


Compulsory conditions to be met by both spouses for the organization of the civil marriage :

– Be single, widowed, or divorced
– Be of opposite sex (transsexual excluded)
– Be 18 years of age or more on the wedding day
Not be related
Show proof of Citizenship: a copy of the valid passport is requested
(dual nationality is acceptable except in the case of French citizenship of one of the two spouses. In this situation, the requirement of a minimum 1 month residency in New Caledonia  prior to the wedding remains applicable)

Witnesses accompanying the spouses can be either of French or other nationality. To be legally married in New Caldonia i twill be necessary for the bride & the groom to reserve at the lastet 180 days prior to theuir weeding day and to submit the following documents at the lastest 90 days prior their weeding day

Requested Documents:

1/ A Certificate of Birth
2/ A Custom Certificate and Certificate of Celibacy
3/ If divorced: Final Decree of Divorce
4/ If widower/widow: Death Certificate
5/ If the future spouses wish to have a marriage contract, they will have to establish a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

All these documents must be fully translated into French by a sworn translator.

As your Wedding Planner, we shall assist and guide you in collecting the above legal documents.

For more information, you can contact us

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